Technical Methods To do Information Gathering

Information Gathering

about the target network or computer system is considered to be the first phase of Hacking. We can gather Information about the target by using different processes and techniques. Information Gathering is also known as Reconnaissance.

During Reconnaissance, we tried to gather as much information as possible about the target network or computer system.

We can divide Reconnaissance into two types:

  • Active Reconnaissance
  • Passive Reconnaissance

Active Reconnaissance:  

For gathering information if we are directly interacting with the target system then we call it as Active Reconnaissance. E.g. when we use Nmap tool for scanning the target or network then we are actually directly interacting with them and we can call it as Active form of Reconnaissance.

Passive Reconnaissance:

It just opposite as Active Reconnaissance, like for gathering information if we are not interacting directly with the target system then we call it as Passive Reconnaissance. E.g. when we use Public websites, social media, etc. for collecting information about the target then we call it as Passive Reconnaissance.

Information Gathering Tool


Devploit is a very interesting python tool. This Tool is written in python script for Reconnaissance. This Tool developed by Joker-Security. We can use Devploit tool for gathering different types of information like we can extract about DNS server with this tool also we can use “whois” in this tool. We can also get the information about subnets, their ports, etc. we can also extract links by using this tool. We can also find the subdomains of websites also find information that resides in HTTP Header. This tool can also be used for tracing IP Location.

Following are the features that are given in Devploit.

  • DNS Lookup
  • Whois Lookup
  • GeoIP Lookup
  • Subnet Lookup
  • Port Scanner
  • Extract Links
  • Zone Transfer
  • HTTP Header
  • Host Finder
  • txt
  • IP-Locator
  • Traceroute
  • Host DNS Finder
  • Reverse IP Lookup
  • Collection Email
  • Subdomain Finder


You can download Devploit from GitHub or just copy the given link and paste in the terminal of your Linux machine.

git clone information gathering techniques

How to install Devploit:

First of all install Devploit, you can just run the following commands in your Linux terminal

git clone

apt-get install python2

How to use/Run Devploit

cd Devploit

chmod +x Devploit

./install) information gathering techniques

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