What is DDoS Attack – All you need to know


Internet and Internet Wherever the Internet, there is no doubt that the Internet has changed the lifestyle of today.

And our millions of workers have been made easy whether we are doing internet banking or online shopping, submitting an application. Whether to apply for any job, a lot of work has become easier with the internet but every coin has two aspects. Therefore, where there is a facility, there is a danger.

In the same way, there are many dangers with facilities on the Internet and these threats also create human beings like us who are called hackers. When these hackers hack a server to a website, then these hackers Handle or Operate the server as per your choice.

Like this, many types of attacks are done by hackers, but today I will tell you about the most happening attack i.e. DDoS Attack.

The DDoS attack has full form Distributed Denial of Service attack. It is an attack on a server or website in the world of internet, which causes any server or website to be down or closed or the website is unavailable for the user of that website. is. From which no user is able to access that website and behind this whole process there is not only one man’s hand but a whole team of hackers who together carry out this DDoS attack. And this team that attacks DDos, through Botnet, make a site down or unavailable for the user of that website.

How does a DDoS attack happen?

In the world, there is a limit for working on anything, in the same way, the website also has a limit that how many people are allowed to access in a minute. If a website has a limit that only 100 people can access that website in 1 minute, if more than that comes, the site will be down or shut down, then it is a simple matter that if more than 100 people get 1 minute If I open that website, then it will be closed or down. And the hackers also send over traffic to such a website and down that site, from which their users are not able to access that website or open the website. And then, whatever your work was going on from Dham website will not be done, now the question comes from Hackers sending so much traffic to the website, then I tell you that they use Botnet for this.

What is botnet?

A botnet is a kind of digital robot which works on the instructions given by its owner and similarly, the hacker also attaches a bot with any of its files on any website or on any social site. If you download that file, then that bot will be downloaded along with that file and similarly winning people will download that file, that bot will be run in their computer. And then just like his administrator will command that bottle, wow it will work the same way and if the hacker wants to target a website, he will give the command to all the computers in his bot and from different computers around the world. Will send unnecessary traffic to that website which does not make any sense and in such a situation, that site will not be able to handle so many users and eventually, that website will be down.

An example of a bot is also on a hike, as if you install a hike, a bot chats with you, which is not a human being, there is a machine or robot with which you can pass your time.

How does hacker benefit from DDoS Attack?

It cannot be that if someone works so hard for DDoS attack just to pass the time, then what is the purpose of hacker behind attacking DDoS. So let me tell you that their motive behind attacking DDoS is to earn money or to compete or maybe there is enmity with someone.

  • Just as a hacker attacks DDoS on a website and that site cannot open, in such a situation, the hacker will tell that website owner that you give me the money and then I will up your site, that is, or you will give me so much money Two again I will never attack DDoS on your website. In such a situation, the website owner will have to pay as much money as the hacker says, otherwise, the site will be down.
  • The other is a competition like both are websites and both are websites of E-commerce and if one has attacked DDoS on the other website, then it is simply that now people will go to the same website to buy their face to face their needs. In the second business will be stalled and the former will double.
  • DDoS can attack even if someone wants to avenge someone in a rare case.

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