What is Penetration Testing? How to do Penetration Testing?

In this article, we will all know about penetration testing, what is penetration testing, why penetration testing is important. Before knowing penetration testing, we know what testing is and why testing is necessary.

What is testing

You must have heard the name of testing, but do you know what testing means, if testing is done, if you do not know then you will know in this article, so let’s start

Testing means checking anything or waking up to see if that thing is right or not. In simple language, testing is a process by which things are checked and ascertained whether they are correct or not. This is called testing

Let’s understand testing through an exam. Suppose you work in a pharmacy company and medicine is made in that company and when a drug is made, that medicine is checked before launching it.

Whether this medicine is correct or not, if the medicine is found to be correct, it is launched. If the medicine is not found to be correct during checking, then the drug is not launched. Now you must have understood what testing is. If not, it takes another example.

When you go to buy clothes, you say to the shopkeeper, ‘Brother, show me some clothes, then the shopkeeper shows clothes and you check the clothes to see if the clothes are correct and which suit will suit you. Only when you take clothes, then when the shopkeeper shows you the clothes and you check the clothes, this process is called testing.

What is Penetration testing?

By penetration testing, Kishi also corrects the deficiency in network, computer, and server, and penetration testing is also called pen test. And those who do this penetration testing are called penetration tester.

Through Penetration testing, Kishi also finds a deficiency in the network that if there is any deficiency in that network, if there is a deficiency, then that deficiency is removed as soon as possible.

Big companies do PT in their website, network, and security system through penetration tester so that their website, network, and security system is secure if their security system is not secure, then it poses a threat to that company leaking data. Of

Why Penetration Testing Occurs

Guys, anything can happen in this internet world, that means in today’s world everything is possible. That is why the company that is it, its CEO or the founder of that company is always worried that some black hat hackers will hack their company’s security system and do not leak the most important data of that company on the internet.

If this happens then that company will be ruined and Black hat hacker can hack any company because the security system of that company is weak or there is a problem in the network of that company with the help of which the black hat hacker Hack the company

So to avoid all this, the owner of the company tests the security system of his company through penetration tester. And HA penetration tester is also called an ethical hacker. And the penetration tester has the rights of the company to which he wants to secure or to find a deficiency in the security system of that company.

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