What is Dark web, Deep web & Surface web – All you need to know

The Internet has become a world where crores of people visit daily. And that too without any problem, but do you know that the website facebook twitter youtube google you and us often use is only 5% of the internet. And we think father! The Internet is such a big thing, how many people run the internet every day. While what we call big is only 5% of the internet, and probably 95% of the rest, you will still be unknown about what the internet is and how it works. I have told in my article what is the internet, you can read it also. Well, let’s go ahead and take full information on what is Deep web, Dark web, Surface web, so do you know that the Internet is also divided into 3 parts.

The internet has three parts –

  1. Surface web
  2. Deep web
  3. Dark web


These three are part of the Internet itself, but all three have different features, there are different functions, so if we know about all of them in detail then first let’s start from the surface web.

What is surface web complete information?

surface web

The first thing I am telling you about the surface web is because it is such a common part of the internet that any person can easily access it without any problem, anyone can run from anywhere. For example, I wrote this article on my website icssindia.in and you are reading it easily from anywhere, like Facebook, YouTube, Google, twitter, yahoo, Microsoft, Flipkart, etc. All these websites come in the surface web itself.

That is, when we search Google, yahoo, bing about anything and this search engine shows us the result about it, then we call it the surface web.

Let me tell you one more thing about the surface web that you can access all websites of the surface web in dark web and deep web. But we cannot access deep web and dark web website on the surface web. According to researchers, all the surface web that we use on the internet is only 5% of the entire internet, let’s move forward.

What is the deep web?

deep web

Any search engine, be it google, yahoo or bing, all do their work within the scope of the law. Even though Google is a very large private company and holds all its rights. Even then, in the country in which he will have to do his business, the government will ask him to index the information in that category, he will index that much, that will show the same content. So similarly in India, the Internet is under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in which google is not allowed to see any illegal websites or illegal pages, so no search engine shows illegal content or illegal website on the surface web. For that, people need a deep web, which contains all the secret websites, in which most of the work is done by organizations like government employees, army, police, banks secrets, intelligence bureau, central bureau of investigation, any of this secret information you google You will not find it by searching in it. That is why such websites or pages have been placed in the deep web, which we can only access. When we have their fix URL as an example,

Just like my website is in the surface web, if you write icssindia on google then many results of my website will be shown and then you will come to my website by clicking on any link but in the same way we talk about deep web.

So suppose you have to go to cbisecret.com, so if you write cbisecret on google then you will not get anything, you will have to go directly to cbisecret.com because it is on the internet. But no search engine indexes their pages or website, there is only access to some specific people, and now comes the turn of the dark web.

What is the dark web?

dark web

So far, we have read about the surface web or deep web where the rules run well according to the law, but the dark web is the most dangerous part of the internet world where there is no rule, no law, no one will Anything can do. Here you have illegal things like Hacking, secret, murder, purchase of arms, selling drugs, buying gambling, gambling.

But no one can access the dark web with a normal browser because no information about the dark web is kept for the general public nor does any search engine allow it to be kept if the search engine like google internet browser or Mozilla firefox If you start accepting such illegal content, then the image of the internet will change for people like you and us. All that is going on according to the complete rules will be messed up. And in many places, the internet will start getting misused.

Therefore, the dark web cannot be accessed with a normal browser, for this, you have to use a special browser called Tor browser. If you search it from Google Play Store under the name Orot, you will find it, but just by installing it, it will not work, along with that, it will have to install its proxy server also named Orfox. You will also find it easily in the google play store.

But I Don’t recommend you to use the Tor browser because it is not your work item. And if the silence is imprisoned, then in the process of fun, all your fun is gone. So we have google where a lot of good information is found, read them and spend your time on the right works.

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