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Networking Specialist by NIELIT course provides a strong baseline knowledge of key concepts and practices in the networking & IT domains relevant to today’s organizations.


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Why Certification in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP?

PHP developers are responsible for using their knowledge of coding and scripting languages to write concise, clean and well-documented code for websites, software or web applications.

Working in PHP development requires very strong math, logic, and analytical skills. Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills are also important because PHP development work often takes place in a team environment. As of January 2013, PHP was used in more than 240 million websites (39% of those sampled) and was installed on 2.1 million web servers.

The employment outlook for computer software engineering, which includes PHP development, is excellent; the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) projects employment of software developers will grow by 17% from 2014-2024. Information from shows that PHP developers earned a median salary of $59,898 as of January 2016. In addition to writing code, PHP developers may also design website wireframes and layouts, work with online databases, test websites for technical problems and provide advice to a team of web designers and developers so to learn LAMP qualification is needed.


  • Configure Linux Operating System and Apache Web Server
  • Designing of Web Pages
  • Database Design, Configure, Implement, Maintain and Troubleshoot a network
  • Implementation of a server-side programming language PHP
  • Enhancing Communication Skills
  • Development of Small Module

Program by Ministry of EIT

CCLAMP Course Curriculum

Unit 1 :  Preparation of Platform for Web development using Linux, Apache, MySQL and Php.. Unit 2 :  Configuring Apache Web Server and MySQL Database Server

Unit 1 :  Follow the procedure to design a web page
Unit 2 :  Applying Client-side validations
Unit 3 :  Creating user forms and frames.

Unit 1 :  Learn hardware components of Computer
Unit 2 : Obtaining Basic Information Regarding Monitor
Unit 3 :  Gaining Skills about PC drivers
Unit 4 :  Learn how to operate and execute Microprocessors & Pentium Processor

Unit 1 :  Learn how Ethernet and Internet work
Unit 2 :  Follow IP Addressing Skill set
Unit 3 :  Basic Configuration of routers and Switches
Unit 4 :  Obtaining Advance Router Configuration Skills
Unit 5 :  Learning Routing Fundamental
Unit 6 :  Apply Advance Concepts of Routing
Unit 7 :  Skill for Advanced Network Concepts
Unit 8 :  Learn and apply Layer 2 Switching
Unit 9 :  Follow Advanced Switching concepts
Unit 10 :  Learning Network Address Translation (NAT) and Security
Unit 11 :  Learn how Wide Area Networks work

Unit 1 :  Learn Basic Window Client Skills
Unit 2 :  Deploy and Manage Windows Server 2012 Roles and features
Unit 3 :  Implement Domain Controllers and Active Directory Services.
Unit 4 :  Implement Group Policy, Account policy and Security
Unit 5 :  Manage and Monitor Windows Server 2012
Unit 6 :  Learn File and disk Encryption and Audit policies
Unit 7 :  Gathering details about various types of Server Configurations and VPNs in Windows 2012 Server.
Unit 8 :  Follow Virtualization in Windows 2012 Server

Unit 1 :  Learn Basic Linux Skills
Unit 2 :  Gathering Skills on User and Group Management
Unit 3 :  Follow File System Concepts and Management
Unit 4 :  Apply Software, Processes and Scheduling Management
Unit 5 :  Apply Networking and Security in Linux
Unit 6 :  Installation, Run Levels and other Advance Concepts in Linux
Unit 7 :  Detailed knowledge about various Server Configurations


Unit 1 :  Develop Communication Skills
Unit 2 :  Managing career, staff and professional relationships
Unit 3 :   Preparing for the interview

course Details

Network Specialist NS
Technical Diploma Course
Qualification Code: NIELIT/WD/4/26
NSQF Level: Level-5
Volume of training: 80 Hours

Entry requirements / recommendations.

  • B.E./B.Tech/NIELIT A Level/BCA or Its equivalent.

Occupation(s) to which the qualification gives access

  • Web Developer.

Nature and purpose of the qualification:

Certificate Course which will help in employment. Purpose:

  • To get unemployed youth in work.
  • To upgrade the skills of people already in work in Web
  • Development using open source technology.
  • Entrepreneurship development.


  • Get certified by best institute
  • Live and interactive session over zoom call
  • Practical exposure from the best mentors
  • Good knowledge in hacking and cyber security
  • Small batch size to focus on every student
  • Provide “think like hacker” approach in the participants

What To Do Next

Progression from the qualification.

1 - In Academic

After completion of this course, students can go for further courses that provide them certifications in Networking streams like Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Red Hat Certified Systems Engineer (RHCSE) or Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer (MCSE). Many companies are providing initial breakthrough to freshers to join as a trainee/intern.The trainee/interns could use the experience gained while working in the company as a platform to hone their technical skills and achieve better jobs after doing the required certifications as well.

2 - Professional

During the initial stages of a career candidate might work as a trainee/intern whose role would be to identify and troubleshoot basic network related problems. After gaining sufficient experience and upgrading his technical qualifications he could become Network Administrator, Network Designer, Network Support Provider, Technical Call Executive. As a Network Administrator, the candidate would be able to Design, Implement and Maintain a corporate network of Small to Medium Size and as he becomes experienced he could carry out same steps for Medium to Large Networks and could also setup large Scale Data Centres. The candidate could further pursue higher studies it the field of networking and do various postgraduate programs available in many foreign universities as well.

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