Certified Network Defender (CND)

Certified Network Defender (CND) is an all-inclusive, vendor-neutral, instructor-led, and hands-on, network security training & certification program. This program prepares network administrators on network security technologies & operations to accomplish Defense-in-Depth network security attentiveness.


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CND- Certified Network Defender

The certified network defender certification program has been designed to put an effective focus on creating Network Administrators. Their chief roles include providing effective protection, detection and quick response to the threats on the network. Usually, Network administrators are accustomed to network equipment, traffic, performance and operation, network topology, the settings of each system, security policy, etc. A Certifed Network Defender will get a basic understanding of software technologies, the right construct of data transfer, technologies related to the network so that they comprehend how networks function; realize what software is automating and how to evaluate the subject material. Additionally, fundamentals related to network defense, the network security control applications, appliances, protocols, perimeter, secure Intrusion detection system, a virtual private network (VPN) and firewall configuration, network traffic signature intricacies, vulnerability scanning, and analysis are also covered which will assist and support the Network Administrator design greater network security policies and victorious incident response plans.

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CND- Certified Network Defender

CND Course Modules

This is the world’s most advanced Certified Network Defense course with 20 of the most current network security domains any individuals will ever want to know when they are planning to protect, detect, and respond to the network attacks.

Module 01: Network Attacks and Defense Strategies

Module 02: Administrative Network Security
Module 03: Technical Network Security
Module 04: Network Perimeter Security
Module 05: Endpoint Security-Windows Systems
Module 06: Endpoint Security-Linux Systems
Module 07: Endpoint Security- Mobile Devices
Module 08: Endpoint Security-IoT Devices
Module 09: Administrative Application Security
Module 10: Data Security

Module 11: Enterprise Virtual Network Security

Module 12: Enterprise Cloud Network Security
Module 13: Enterprise Wireless Network Security
Module 14: Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
Module 15: Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis
Module 16: Incident Response and Forensic Investigation
Module 17: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Module 18: Risk Anticipation with Risk Management
Module 19: Threat Assessment with Attack Surface Analysis
Module 20: Threat Prediction with Cyber Threat Intelligence

CND Course details

Certified Network Defender Program Details​

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Certified Ethical Hacking CEH 10v

Frequently Asked Questions

An ethical hacker is a security professional who knows how to finds and exploit vulnerabilities in various systems. An ethical hacker uses various tools and techniques in a lawful and legitimate manner for finding vulnerabilities and fixing them before the bad guys enter into the system.

Many IT departments have made Certified Ethical Hacker certification an obligatory qualification for security-related posts, making it a go-to certification for security professionals. Characteristically, CEH-certified professionals earn 44 percent higher salaries than their non-certified peers. As a stimulating job it never gets boring, pays well and also brings about a greater sense of accomplishment. After completion of this program, you will learn how hackers think intentionally before exploiting networks, servers, and devices and how to safeguard them as a cybersecurity expert. This program has been designed to provide effective training, hands-on experience and sufficient knowledge about online assessment tools.

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificate is EC-Council’s most familiar and sought-after credential. Typical job titles for CEH-certified specialists include penetration tester (PT), network security specialist, ethical hacker, security consultant, Computer Forensics Investigator, Information Security Officer, Data Security Analyst, and auditor. In addition, you can access a wide range of job profiles into the cybersecurity domain as per your knowledge and experience.

CEH v11 is considered to be the gate way to enter into the domain of cyber security. After completion of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v11), you can do numerous advanced programs offered by EC Council. These programs include EC- Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA); Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT); Advanced Penetration Testing Program – LPT (Master); and many more.

There is no one linear path to a fruitful career in cybersecurity. Some people enter into this security field straight out of college, while others change from another IT role. No matter where you jerk, all cybersecurity careers start with general IT experience. You are required to know how technology works before you can acquire knowledge how to secure and defend it. If you are passionate about problem-solving and creating big-picture plans and policies, many important jobs are awaing for you such as Security Consultant; Security Architect; Chief Information Security Officer (CISO); and many more managerial positions.

As an EC-Council Accredited Training Centers (ATC), ICSS provides EC- Council courses. The fee structure mentioned by us includes both voucher cost, E-learning kit, and tuition fee also.

The best way to inculcate the knowledge of cybersecurity, as well as additional technologies, is to combine the best of theory with hands-on best practices. If you do not have complete access to a cybersecurity trainer or guru, check out the cybersecurity training provider on the web.

With the snowballing competition, it has become very problematic for jobseekers to get a job in good company. We attempt hard to elaborate jobseekers’ dreams by providing them the end to end solution pertaining to recruitment problem. We provide 100% job assistance; professional & personalized job guidance; and assessing the several job options open in cybersecurity domain.


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