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Cyber ​​attack on Kudankulam nuclear plant, NPCIL claims – reactor completely safe

Cyberattack on Kudankulam nuclear plant

Cyberattack on Kudankulam nuclear plant, NPCIL claims – reactor completely safe

  1.  NPCIL said on Tuesday – Cyberattack on the system of the plant is not possible.
  2.  A day later, the company issued a statement accepting the matter of cyber attack on the nuclear plant.

Cyberattack on Kudankulam nuclear plant

There is a cyber attack on the Kudankulam nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu. The Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) had denied any such incident a day earlier. However, a day later, he admitted that computers installed in the plant’s control system had been attacked by a virus. It was claimed that this did not affect the system and the reactor was completely safe.

The matter came to light on 4 September. After this, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) was informed about this. Experts of the Department of Atomic Energy also investigated it immediately. It was found that a user of the institute had a virus in the system and that system was connected to the Internet network. According to officials, “this system was separate from the institution’s critical internal network. The network is constantly being monitored. The investigation confirmed that no system of the plant has been affected. ”

Plant’s system not connected to an external network: officials 

Earlier on Tuesday, NPCIL said that no cyberattack on the control system of the plant is possible. R Ramadoss, the training superintendent, and information officer of the Kudankulam nuclear plant, had said that the reports of cyber attacks on social media were baseless. He clarified that the control system of Kudankulam and other nuclear plants works independently without any other hardware or software connected.

India and Russia build Kudankulam nuclear plant

Former Secretary of Department of Atomic Energy R.K. K. Sinha said that the systems involved in the operation of the plant are completely independent and never connected to any other system or internet. The Kudankulam nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu has been built by India and Russia. Its two units produce 1000 MW of electricity. Last year, the system of Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant was attacked by a virus named Stuxnet. Iran accused Israel of the attack.


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