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Become a Cyber Security professional by getting specialization in network security, application security, data secrecy, penetration testing, cryptography and Android penetration testing.


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About Diploma in Cyber Security


Diploma in Cyber Security (DCS) is 6 months training and diploma program conducted both as a full-time regular program and also online program, based on eligibility of the student. This training & diploma program would lead to employment opportunities in the cyber security function of various industries & sectors. DCS Training program has been developed through inputs from the industry and experts in the field. Our faculty comprises of experienced trainers available permanently at the center and also subject matter experts as visiting faculty. ICSS teaching pedagogy includes theory, practical, case studies, visits, study material, projects, internship etc to keep the learning experiential and collaborative. Trainees of Diploma in Cyber Security (DCS) course get the opportunity to network with leaders in the industry and to join the alumni network of ICSS.

The Diploma in Cyber Security course is a fully hands-on program with practicals including hundreds of offensive & defensive tools, labs and exercises that cover real-world scenarios. By practicing the practical skills that are providing to you in the Diploma in Cyber Security course, we are able to bring you up to speed with the skills to uncover the security threats that organizations are vulnerable to. 

The Diploma in Cyber Security (DCS) is a job-oriented course and is most suitable for those interested in working in the field of cyber & IT Security. There exists a great demand for cyber security professionals. ICSS offers job placement assistance through its network of leading organizations.

Why Choose ICSS?

Dual Certification

Avail NSDC & EC-Council* (T&C) certification post completion of the training program

Experienced Faculty

Innovative curriculum created by cybersecurity experts from Israel wtih real-world experience.

Multiple Intakes

Start at a convenient time. Join our February, April, June, August or October or December intakes.

Hands-on Practical

Our trainers gives more priority to practicals with proper implementations rather than theory part.

Placement Assistance

ICSS offers job placement assistance through its network of leading organizations. Highest package 23 Lakh

Diploma in Cyber Security

DCS Course Modules

Unit 1 :  Introduction to Information Security
Unit 2 :  Network Fundamentals
Unit 3 :  Advanced Networking
Unit 4 :  Windows Fundamentals
Unit 5 :  Windows Server
Unit 6 : Introduction to Linux

Unit 1 :  Introduction to Network Security
Unit 2 :  Information Gathering
Unit 3 :  Social Engineering
Unit 4 :  Packet Crafting
Unit 5 :  Cryptography
Unit 6 :  Buffer Overflow
Unit 7 :  Metasploit Framework
Unit 8 :  Security Operation Center
Unit 9 :  Wireless Security
Unit 10 :  Network Auditing and Reporting

Unit 1 :  Database Fundamentals
Unit 2 :  Database Management System
Unit 3 :  Database Client-Server Architecture
Unit 4 :  Database Administrator
Unit 5 :  Database Security Issues
Unit 6 :  Understanding SQL statements
Unit 7 :  Securing Oracle Parameters
Unit 8 :  Important files
Unit 9 :  File Security
Unit 10 :  Users and Profiles
Unit 11 :  Roles and Privileges
Unit 12 :  Default Passwords
Unit 13 :  Oracle SID

Unit 1 :  Introduction to Windows Security Architecture
Unit 2 :  Windows Security
Unit 3 :  Linux server security
Unit 4 :  Linux Security Model

Unit 1 :  Introduction to Web Application
Unit 2 :  Introduction to OWASP
Unit 3 :  Introduction to Application Risk

Unit 1 :  PCI/DSS Compliance
Unit 2 :  Security Control and Processor for PCI-DSS Requirements
Unit 3 :  Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Unit 1 :  Introduction to Android Penetration Testing
Unit 2 :  Android Architecture
Unit 3 :  Configuring Testing Environment
Unit 4 :  Android Build Process
Unit 5 :  Reverse Engineering of Android Applications
Unit 6 :  Device Rooting
Unit 7 :  Android Application Fundamentals
Unit 8 :  Network Traffic Analysis
Unit 9 :  Device and Data Security
Unit 10 :  Tap jacking
Unit 11 :  Static Code Analysis
Unit 12 :  Dynamic Code Analysis


Cyber Security Course Details

DCS Program Details​

Tools & Technologies You Will Learn

Become a Cyber Security Expert With a cutting-edge Cyber Security Course in Delhi

Why Career in Cyber Security???

ICSS Diploma in Cyber Security Course is the keystone in making a career of Students, Freshers, Job Seekers & working Professionals. Diploma in cyber security course makes you capable of defending & protecting Commercials, Army, Personal and Governments important data from cyber attacks. ICSS cybersecurity training center is a huge provider of cyber security training & certification in India.

2.1 Million Cyber security professionals needed by 2021


150% Increase in demand for cyber security jobs


19.8L Median salary for cyber security architects

Source: India Today

Sectorized need of Cybersecurity experts
Cyber Security Course in India

Why ICSS Diploma In Cyber Security Training Program

ICSS Diploma in Cyber Security Course is the keystone in making a career of Students, Freshers, Job Seekers & working Professionals. Diploma in cyber security course makes you capable of defending & protecting Commercials, Army, Personal and Governments important data from cyber attacks. ICSS cybersecurity training center is a huge provider of cyber security training & certification in India.

Job oriented program with placement assistance

Offensive & defensive cybersecurity approach

Hundreds of security tools & techniques

More focus on network, application security & PT

Hands-on hacking & cybersecurity challenges


Diploma In Cyber Security Course in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Diploma in Cyber Security training program?

The Diploma in Cyber Security (DCS) is a job-oriented course. The vital objective of DCS is to provide a wide range of fundamental knowledge about the cybersecurity domain. This program has been designed under the guidance of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) such a manner to orient the minds of the students towards the cyber security domain. It is an entry level course in the cybersecurity domain. This course makes you familiar with various cybersecurity concepts, relevant knowledge, skills, expertise tools and tactics involved in hacking as well as providing you a clear-cut knowledge about how to protect personal as well as business critical data. This program offers both theoretical and hands-on virtual labs associated with capstone projects. After completion of this program, you will be provided 100% Job assistance and placement assistance. After completion of this program, you can do PGDCS as an advanced program.

Jobs after completing Diploma in Cyber Security course in India?

IT security has become one of the most in-demand careers across the world today. After completing Diploma in Cybersecurity, amply of entry-level positions available for you such as cybersecurity specialist / technician, ethical hackers, security/network/system administrator and many more upcoming positions as per the demand of the industry.

How this course helps me to advance my IT Security Career?

Currently, there is an enormous demand for cyber security professionals and it is increasing day by day. If you are looking to start a career in cyber security, Diploma in Cyber Security happens to be the stepping stone to kickstart your career. After DCS, you can do many more advanced courses in the cybersecurity domain and open a new chapter in IT security career.

According to CSO online, the cybersecurity labour crunch to hit 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021. In addition, Job postings about various cybersecurity positions have grown three times faster than openings for Information Technology jobs overall.

"Career in Ethical Hacking" or "Career in Cyber Security" Which one will be better?

Building a career in the cybersecurity domain encompasses a robust knowledge and experience. You can do various courses ranging from basic to advance depending on your in-depth knowledge in the domain. But ethical hacking is a part of cybersecurity. On the other hand, cybersecurity encompasses a wide range of skillsets, tools, and passions. Essentially, cybersecurity offers a compressive holistic solution to keep you and your sensitive and important information safe and secure. It is better to do an ethical hacking course first because it is a gateway to the domain of cybersecurity.

Is there any other cybersecurity certification or Training program after completing DCS?

After completing Diploma in Cybersecurity, you can go for many more advanced programs ranging from PGDCS to EC- Council Courses- CEH, ECSA, CND, CHFI, and many more courses as per your career progression and the industry requirements.

Do you provide any sort of job and Placement assistance?

We are committed to provide job and placement assistance to job seekers. Our Job placement assistance is nothing but a procedure of help provided to job seekers in the domain of cybersecurity. Usually, this type of assistance encompasses the right combination of skills assessment, career counseling along with proper guidance on resume writing, cover letter drafting, and filling out a job application. Then Job placement facilitators assist job seekers to find suitable position openings and work with them to prepare for interviews.

What are features of the rpogram?
  • Hands on training with live demonstrations for all modules.
  • Blended with both offensive attack & defensive security modules.
  • Offer an effective balance between theory and practical (Ratio – 6:4)
  • Imparts requisite knowledge that ensures understanding of important concepts of Cyber Security.

  • Enable the aspirants to defend organizations against any sort of digital disruption.
  • Nurtures employable abilities, proficiencies, and competencies as required in the cyber industry.
  • Make familiar with cutting edge network security concepts and sophisticated hacking techniques.
  • Hands-on labs demonstrating practical and realtime experience on each of area of penetration testing.
  • Includes network security, web application hacking & security, Cloud security, android penetration testing
  • Uses both application-oriented and student-centric learning to help expand students’ clarity on information & data protection.

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