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Penetration testing is a security exercise where a cyber-security specialist effort to find and exploit weaknesses in a computer system. The purpose of this pretend attack is to identify any weak spots in a system’s defenses that cybercriminals could take benefit from. In the milieu of web application security, usually, penetration testing is used to expand a web application firewall (WAF).

Penetration Tester Job Responsibilities and Duties


Penetration testers have numerous responsibilities external of scripting hacks. Responsibilities include working with experienced managers to document various threats and designing security protocols and policies. Hacking is a problematic task even if it is a hobby for most hackers. Penetration testers find responsibilities trying – where hobbyists can transfer on to another system, penetration testers must endure efforts on the same system.

Some other responsibilities include:

  • Creating new-fangled tests to identify vulnerabilities in several systems
  • Using physical security tests and identifying areas that essential physical defense
  • Finding vulnerabilities in popular, common software as well as exclusive applications
  • Pinpointing entry points for hackers
  • Using social engineering to identify enhancement for security awareness and education
  • Remember corporate deliberations when carrying out penetration testing
  • Keeping aware of up-to-date security malware and threats
  • Reviewing existing corporate policies and help redefine procedures for healthier security
  • Enhancing existing hardware and software with implementations of improved security standards
  • Document feedback and reports for reviewing of main business managers

IMPORTANT: Penetration Tester is required to update his skills, knowledge, and expertise for hacking systems.

Not only will they require to assess the vulnerabilities in a network or definite devices, but they must be able to write reports that communicate these weaknesses.  Besides, Robust written and oral communication skills are a required part of the profession. You are required to have a good working business and management knowledge to demonstrate the implications of the vulnerabilities you find.

For instance, you need to demonstrate any possible losses in terms of lost work hours, recovery time, intellectual property loss, and other interruptions once you come across a flawed system. If a sales team comes across three days of downtime after a database is corrupted or removed, it will be significant to demonstrate the financial impact that it could have for the company. Those findings will be demonstrated to management with all suitable visual aids to safeguard that the case is clear to all investors in the business.

Penetration testers don’t only measure glitches, but can be involved or in articulating solutions to those difficulties. A good penetration test demonstration embraces proposals for a network redesign or showcase a diversity of software packages or coding methods that can assist secure the system from attack.

Penetration tester vs. Security administrator

  • Though their work regularly seems to be at odds, the duties and responsibilities of a penetration tester and a security administrator regularly overlap, and each incline to notify the other.
  • The security administrator is required to design and implement security systems and protocols for his company or department.
  • They are essential to be able to measure the finest security technologies within budget parameters and then promise that their team is capable of rolling out those products in a timely, effective, and efficient manner.
  • On the other hand, a penetration tester is required to find ways to undo the security administrator’s effort. They spend time researching how to hack into the administrator’s systems and then will write reports to demonstrate business implications and vulnerabilities
  • In this way, the two seem like opponents, but they are both working to reinforce the same system.
  • When a security administrator or penetration tester work together and strive to find the very finest solutions for their network, then the department or company get tremendous benefits.

Possible Career Paths

The penetration tester path is not quite linear as there are numerous means to approach this interdisciplinary field.

What is associated if you decide to aim your career path towards the profession of the penetration tester?

Education and Skills

Requirements and Qualifications for Penetration Testing

  • Past working experience as a Penetration Testing Expert for (x) years
  • BA in Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems or similar pertinent field
  • Thorough knowledge of application development and at least one programming or scripting language (Example: Java, C#, Scala Ruby, Perl, Python, PowerShell)
  • Hands-on experience with testing frameworks such as the OWASP and PTES
  • Applicable expertise and knowledge of Windows client/server, Unix/Linux systems, Mac OS X, VMware/Xen, and cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Problem solver and critical thinker
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills

Job Skills

  • Computer programming skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Time management skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Leadership skills

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