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Knowing this new trend of online fraud, you will also think a thousand times before clicking on mobile, stay alert


New Technique – Knowing this new trend of online fraud, you will also think a thousand times before clicking on mobile, stay alert


Lakhs of rupees crossing in two seconds, a small lapse can cause big loss

Raipur. Thugs have found a new way to fraud online. Now, hack the mobile of people directly and steal their banking related information. After this, they make a dent in their bank account. For this, sometimes you get a mobile app downloaded, sometimes you send a message containing a link. The mobile gets hacked as soon as it is clicked.

Two incidents that occurred in the old settlement area are examples of this. In both cases, the thugs hacked mobiles. After this, asked to enter banking related information on mobile. At that time, the victims recorded the banking information in the mobile, the thugs got to know about it. On the same basis, online money was withdrawn from the accounts of both.

Use of Phishing

In the language of hacking, stealing information by hacking a mobile or computer is called phishing. In this, hackers create a banking company, service provider, website, or fake website or software of the company. This is done by sending a link to the victim’s mobile or computer and getting the software and mobile app downloaded. Through this, the complete information about the victim reaches the hacker.

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Chaitanya Thakur, working in a pharma company, was asked to download a mobile app from the Play Store in the name of Paytm’s KYC. He downloaded the mobile app. This hacked his mobile. Their complete information reached the thugs. With this, he crossed about 40 thousand rupees from his account in three to four seconds.


After searching the customer care number of Zomato Company, Dhirendra Kumar called. A link message was sent from the other side. His mobile got hacked as soon as he clicked on this link. After this, information about whatever was happening in the mobile would reach the hacker. With this, his account thug crossed 31 thousand.

Easy to reach thugs

Every other day in the city, there are complaints of online fraud in some of the other police stations. In most cases, the fraudsters are not known. A cyber expert is needed to trace the method the accused uses to commit fraud. The police department does not have that many cyber experts. This is the reason why investigations of most cases continue for a long time.

Online fraud cases are increasing

Police have conducted an online fraud prevention awareness campaign. Despite this, cases of online fraud continue to increase. In the year 2017, more than two hundred cases were reported, out of which the police had FIR in more than 100 cases. Similarly, complaints of 250 cases reached in the year 2018, out of which 50 cases were investigated. In the year 2019, more than one hundred and fifty cases have been reported so far. Out of these, crimes have been registered in about 40 cases so far.

Awareness rescue

– Do not give phone-related information to anyone in the mobile.
-Do not reveal the OTP number to anyone during online banking transactions.
-If you get an anon link, do not click into it.
– Keep antivirus on mobile and computer.


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