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Methods to Secure WiFi from Hackers and Cybercriminals


Methods to Secure WiFi from Hackers and Cybercriminals


There are two types of hacks or breaches that cause users to lose their data and could turn into an unpleasant occurrence of identity theft. The first type, which is typically impossible to avert at a user’s end, is when a business’s server gets infiltrated by hackers, who then steal the credentials of users. Usually, such breaches result in formal investigations and frequently lead to lawsuits.

The second type of breach is typically the consequence of inadequate WiFi security measures and feeble passwords that a user sets on their accounts. Leaving a device unlocked also falls in such breaches. This condition gets even worse when a Cyber-criminal gains access to their home network setup via WiFi hacking, which permits them to have comprehensive access to connected devices as well.


The majority of the complaint falls on the accessibility provided by contemporary devices and not our own paucity of knowledge regarding technical security aspects of a router. Most of the time, users even forget the passwords of their routers because their devices connect automatically with the network, and they do not bother to update the password or enhance the security of the network.

How to Secure WiFi from Hackers and Cybercriminals?

If you are speculating how to secure WiFi and augment the complete security of your network, the subsequent tips are unquestionable to help you out.

Activate Encryption


Old routers used to come with WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security system. It was later discovered that this system contains serious vulnerabilities and is very easy to hack.

Modern routers, including Wouter, comes with WPA and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) system which is way more secure compared to the older system. It provides valid encryption to your network, keeping it secure from hackers and cybercriminals. Make sure that this option is enabled on your router.

Change Network Name

It is laid-back to hack into routers that are still using their default network name like Netgear or D-Link. Hackers use tools, like a rainbow table that can break into your network just by using your default SSID name.

Use a Strong Password


Most people prefer to use easy and short Wi-Fi passwords. Some even name it after their favorite characters or movies to look cool in front of those with whom you share your Wi-Fi password.

Keep in mind it, the easier a Wi-Fi password is the more vulnerable your network is to a hacker. So, in place of keeping easy passwords, it is advisable to keep longer passwords with both lower-case upper case and letters, as well as symbols and numbers.

Also, make sure that you share your password with as few people as possible. If a hacker finds out your Wi-Fi password, even the finest encryption services will not be able to save your network from getting compromised. Use PureVPN – PureVPN comes fortified with modern security protocols that keep your Wi-Fi network secure from all external threats.

Use the Firewall Feature on your Router


Unbelievably, Firewalls can be supportive of security and network anonymity. Frequently, Modern routers have ‘stealth mode’ firewalls in their system. Firewalls not only defend your network against hateful content but also, they also keep you anonymous, and rather obscure from the hacker’s view.

Turn Off Guest Networks

Most people tend to give their neighbors access to guest networks so they can use your Wi-Fi without requiring to have an encryption password. This feature can be unsafe if not used intelligently.

Enable Logging Feature

Logging feature in your router keeps an account of all login attempts from dissimilar IP addresses. This can aid you to monitor any doubtful activity and make pertinent variations to your password or security to stay safe from hacking efforts.

To Sum Up…

Now you know how to secure WiFi from cybercriminals and hackers, we are sure that you will practice these tips as much as you can. But if you are intending to ensure bullet-proof security over your Wi-Fi network, for that it is advisable to get VPN and WiFi Wouter, which deliver comprehensive and supreme security to your Wi-fi network.

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