Why You Should Learn Ethical Hacking Now a Days?

why learning hacking is important

Why You Should Learn Ethical Hacking Now a Days?

why learning hacking is important

What is ethical hacking?

what is ethical hacking

Note: How to Learn Ethical Hacking & How to become an expert Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hacking includes services like the following:

  • Application Testing: Done to uncover flaws in the system at the very core or logical level
  • Remote or war dialing: Used to test open-ended modem connections that remotely connect to a network
  • Local network testing: Deals with testing of services, protocols, system devices and virtual private networks
  • Wireless security: A method of measuring the level of security available in the framework as a whole
  • System hardening: Done to strengthen the host and mend weaknesses
  • Stolen laptop: Done using the PC of an important employee, this test examines for passwords and personal information stored in a dial-up software
  • Social engineeringThis type of hacking is very difficult to carry out as it involves people, personalities and employees.

The need for ethical hackers

Cybercrimes are becoming more common and attackers more sophisticated with rouge nation-states and terrorist organizations funding criminals to breach security networks either to extort hefty ransoms or compromise national security features.


The security of an enterprise should be analyzed for effectiveness from time to time. Since businesses work in a structured yet complex environment comprising of security, policies and changing technologies, involving complex interactions and interoperations, there is a need to assess the system with a holistic approach. Ethical hacking solutions are possibly the best way of examining such systems and fine-tuning any minor gaps that may lead to the compromise of the entire organization.

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