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Learn from the most updated course with ICSS , which is based on Completely new tools & modules, that are used for WiFi Hacking. Students will get the Intermediate knowledge of Kali Linux and not only that you will also be able to crack the passwords of vulnerable WiFi Routers.


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2 Weeks

Course Duration

3 Nov 2020

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What You Will Learn In This Course?

About WiFi Hacking Program

Wi-Fi Hacking course is based the best and the updated tools which are used by professionals in 2020. In this Wifi Hacking course you will get to know the various techniques which you can use to hack the WPA/WPA2, WEP and WPS Wi-Fi routers. The course teaches you, Wireless attack, mac spoof, AP misconfiguration, Rogue AP, War Driving, Wep Injection, Data Replay, Eavesdropping, Traffic Analysis, Evil Twin AP, DOS Attack, Beacon Flood, Disassociation Attack, Jamming signal attack and KRACK attack on WPA. After the completion of this course you will become a pro-Wi-Fi penetrator.

Course Curriculum

  2. Types of wireless network
  3. Wireless standards
  4. Wireless authentication method: WEP/WPA/WPA2
  5. Wireless antenna
  1. Discuss wireless encryption
  2. How the WEP algorithm works
  3. How the WPA algorithm works
  4. WEP/WPA issue
  1. wireless attack
  2. mac spoof
  3. AP misconfiguration
  4. Rogue AP
  5. War Driving
  6. Web Injection
  7. Data Replay
  8. Eavesdropping
  9. Traffic Analysis
  10. Evil Twin AP, DOS Attack, Beacon Flood, Disassociation Attack
  11. Jamming signal attack
  12. KRACK attack on WPA
  1. Wireless Hacking method
  2. WEP / WPA / WPA2 Hacking Method
5.1 Wireless discovery tools
  1. inSSiDer office
  2. Wireless mon
  3. Kismet
5.2 Wireless sniffing tool
  1. Airpcap
  2. Steel central packet analyzer
  3. Omnipeek Enterprise
5.3 Wireless Cracking Tool
  1. Airpcap, Aircrack-NG
  2. Airodump-NG
  3. Packetforge-ng
  4. Airmon-NG
  5. Network-miner
  6. CAPSA Network Analyzer

Eligibility & Prerequisite

  • The candidate must qualify 10th grade to become eligible for the Certified Ethical Hacker course.
  • There are no specific prerequisites for joining the course, but it would be advantageous for the candidate if he has the basic knowledge of the networking environment.
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