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Cyber Security Corporates

ICSS is one of the prominent Training and Consulting organizations in India, engaged in providing Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, and Physical Security training & certification from the topnotch recognized bodies. Our core operations revolve around the ecosystem of Individuals, Academia, Industry, Government, and Security Agencies with a view to provide an effective solution across various domains. ICSS has always been envisioned to bridge the skill gap between academia and industry by producing industry-ready talent. ICSS is committed towards capacity building through its sophisticated technologies and state-of-the-art classroom training sessions.

ICSS offers a streamlined cybersecurity support and management with tailored programs, workshops and services to the organizations to reduce their vulnerability to the cyber threats, by protecting and regulating their firm’s data


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Program Details​

  • Provide fundamentals knowledge of network defense.
  • Offer a skills-based and lab intensive program for the aspirants.
  • Enable the aspirants to protect, detect and respond to the threats on the network.
  • Enable the aspirants to foster resiliency and continuity of operations during attacks.
  • Enable the aspirant to design various network policies and plans related to network security and incident response.
  • Make familiar with net work components, traffic, performance and utilization, network topology, location of each system, security policy, etc.
  • Provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding of various emerging technologies pertaining to data transfer, network, and software automation.

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