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Python Programming Training Description:

Python is a very useful language nowadays. Considering it's relevance in the security landscape, ICSS offers effective and industry aligned Python training programming for the aspirants. Python is a dynamic, general-purpose and powerful language which is being used in every enterprise to accelerate day to day business activities. It is unproblematic and up-front to learn and provides lots of elevated data structure.

Python language is very simple to learn. It is also commanding and multipurpose scripting language. In addition, it is helpful for for the development of applications. It happens to be a natural programming language designed to offer numerous utility kinds for organisations. Python Training at ICSS is aligned to train the candidates interested to kick start their career in the domain of IT security, management and controls, architecture & design.

Who is it for?
  • There are millions of job openings for Python developers.
  • Due to the developing demand for websites, web applications & artificial intelligence, python has captured the market for its survival.

Python Programming Training Course Curriculum

It happens to be a natural programming language designed to offer numerous utility kinds for organisations.

Python Training Course Curriculum
  • Module 1. Introduction to Python
  • Module 2. Python Installation
  • Module 3. Python Syntax
  • Module 4. Python Variables
  • Module 5. Python Data Types
  • Module 6. Python Numbers
  • Module 7. Python Casting
  • Module 8. Python Strings
  • Module 9. Python Booleans
  • Module 10. Python Operators
  • Module 11. Python Lists
  • Module 12. Python Tuples
  • Module 13. Python Sets
  • Module 14. Python Dictionaries
  • Module 15. Python If..Else
  • Module 16. Python Loops
  • Module 17. Python Functions
  • Module 18. Python Arrays
  • Module 19. Python Classes and Objects
  • Module 20. Python Inheritance
  • Module 21. Python Iterators
  • Module 22. Python Scope
  • Module 23. Python Modules
  • Module 24. Python PIP
  • Module 25. Python Try Except
  • Module 26. Python User Input
  • Module 27. Python File Handling
Program Highlights
  • Provide scripting language for Application developers.
  • Learners can learn how to design and applications program through Python Programming.
  • Learners can learn tuples, lists, and dictionaries in Python programs.
  • Identifies Python object types.
  • Learners can access data in Python programs through indexing and slicing.
  • Learn how to define the components and structure of a Python program.
  • Write loops and decision statements in Python.
  • Write functions and pass arguments in Python.
  • Build and package Python modules for reusability.
  • Learners can easily learn how to read & write files in Python Programming.
  • Design object-oriented programs with Python classes.
  • Use class inheritance in Python for reusability.
  • Learn how to handle exceptions and related errors in Python applications.
About Python

Best Python Training at ICSS is aligned to train the aspirants to transform an information assurance professional who in turn is responsible for describing aspects of IT security, including architecture, design, management and controls. Most IT security positions prefer a Best Python Training certification.

  • The candidate must 10 th pass to become eligible for Python course.
  • There are no specific prerequisites for joining the course, but it would be advantageous for the candidate if he has the basic knowledge of networking environment.
Upcoming Batch
S.NO. Python Training Starting Batch
1 10th of every month
2 15th of every month
3 18th of every month

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