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Cyber Fraud – If you also do card and online payment then keep these things in mind, otherwise


If you also do card and online payment then keep these things in mind, otherwise


There is no option greater than awareness to avoid cyber fraud.

Today everyone has a mobile. Be it social media, banking or transactions. All the work has started operating from mobile. As we are going digital, cyber fraud is also increasing because hacking is being done technically. Now we need to be cautious in this situation. The problem with people is that they do not follow safety.

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A small example of this is what would happen if you got a mobile in someone’s hand? Obviously with mobile many important things will also go to the other hands. Therefore, there is no greater option than awareness to avoid cyber fraud. This was to say of Dr. Sangram Rai, Professor, NIT Sikkim.

He was speaking at a workshop organized by the Department of Computer Applications of NIT at the Lab 3 Center Computer Center. In a workshop organized under the AICTE Training and Learning Academy Programs (Atal), he said that there are normal things that can be avoided if you follow them.

Whether it is to ask OTP from a banker’s phone or to put money on someone’s bank account on lottery information. If we look at small things, we can avoid cybercrime. In the workshop, Dean Academics Dr. Shirish Verma, Dr. Harendra Bikrol, Dr. Mithilesh Atulkar, Dr. Shobha Lata stressed the need for cybersecurity.

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Use of the virtual keyboard is necessary

Dr. Rai said that in any banking process a virtual keyboard is given, but we do not use it at all. When someone hacks our phone or account, the data transfer is what we press, if you use a virtual keyboard, its data or typed does not reach the mode as the hacker wants. The board of the virtual continues to surround.

A machine-read retina and face abroad

Dr. Rai admits, we are behind in terms of awareness, not even ahead in terms of technology. The retina is now being scanned at Abroad. If you go to the ATM room, the camera reads the particular element of your face there. Cash deposits in foreign countries also do the same. We have a thumb scan done at some bank ATMs here.


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