Cloud Security – A Rising Demand in Cyber Security Skills

cloud security certifications

The demand for cyber security specialists with know-how in cloud security has evolved with the ever-increasing number of businesses shifting to the cloud. Moving away from the historic server or on-premise model and into the cloud, the model has revealed a whole new assortment of security questions and challenges to overcome.

Considering the current growing investments in cloud infrastructure are strengthening the demand for cloud security solutions, EC-Council has launched a complete Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE) program to meet the snowballing demand for cloud security professionals. This specialization prepares individuals with in-demand skills associated with the cloud and helps organizations build a vigorous in-house cloud security team. It is a blend of both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific (AWS, Azure, GCP) cloud security concepts which makes it unique.

The course module for Certified Cloud Security Engineers comprises various important concepts including Introduction to Cloud Security; Application Security in the Cloud; Data Security in the Cloud; Operation Security in the Cloud; and Penetration Testing in the Cloud.

The target audience for this course includes network security engineers; cybersecurity analysts; network security analysts; cloud administrators and engineers; network security administrators; cloud analysts; and cybersecurity engineers.

Cloud Dynamics

  • 83% of organizations already use cloud computing or have applications in the cloud
  • 68% of organizations utilize at least 2 cloud providers to facilitate their migration to the cloud.
  • 27% of IT security budgets on average are dedicated to cloud security.
  • By 2028, the global cloud computing market size is expected to grow to USD 1.25 Tn

Who is it for?

  • Network Security administrators, engineers, and analysts
  • Cybersecurity engineers and analysts
  • Cloud administrators, engineers, and analysts
  • CND CertiĀ­fied professionals
  • InfoSec professionals
  • Any other role involving network and cloud administration, management, and operation

As an accredited training partner of the EC Council, International College for Security Studies (ICSS) has recently introduced a Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE) to orient the target audience and meet its core maxims for future secure.

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