Innovative Earning through Bug Bounty Hunting

Bug Bounty

A bug bounty system is a service provided to people by other software developers, websites and organisations that help them find and fix the bugs. Individuals get bonuses depending on the frequency of recorded bugs from these sources. These programs not only help individuals receive bonuses, but in certain ways often support app developers. One of them is to allow developers to find and fix bugs before the general public is aware of these vulnerabilities, thus avoiding widespread abuse incidents.

Bug Bounty Hunting

A bug bounty program is a service that many software developers, websites and organisations offer to users, helping them identify and repair the bugs. Individuals get incentives from certain sources based on the number of reported bugs. Not only can these services help people get incentives, but they also benefit device developers in many ways. One is to encourage developers to identify and repair bugs before the general public is aware of these vulnerabilities, thus preventing widespread cases of violence. It’s all the developer’s wish. But if you’re looking for any incentives against bugs you ‘re finding then you need to report or report on some official websites running Bug Bounty Programs and get rewarded for the same!

Google and Facebook run bug bounty services, including cash rates, pen drives, t-shirts, and so on. Rewards depend on how serious a bug is recorded

• Websites such as have some reward-bearing bug bounty hunting.

• Top 10 2020 Bug Bounty Programs include several well-known brands like Facebook, Uber, Tor Project, Pentagon, Netflix, Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, HP, and Google.

• Reporting bugs will help you earn Rewards, Bug Bounty, Hall of Fame, Reputation, and Rank Globally Increase.

Case Study

Facebook began providing “White Hat” debit cards to researchers reporting vulnerabilities to Facebook after the incident when a Computer Science student used an exploit to post a letter on Mark Zuckerberg ‘s Facebook account page, attempting to disclose the vulnerability using Facebook’s Bug Bounty Program. Facebook didn’t recognize the recorded problem as a “bug” because of vague and incomplete analysis! So Facebook has started issuing “White and Black Hat Debit Cards” after this incident! Researchers can now pose their Black Card’s at a conference and say “I’ve done some special research on Facebook!”

Learning Outcome

• Understand simple steps to perform Web application, device, and server penetration testing.

• Find bugs, and get bonuses!

• Understanding the security principles of web application & it’s potential dangers.

• How to identify and gather target information.

• Exploiting vulnerabilities found and getting control over remote servers.

• How to secure your application.

Important Fact:

Source: HackerOne, as of February 2020

Benefits of Learning Bug Bounty

Getting yourself enrolled for a Bug Bounty course not only makes you a pro in securing your application but logging on to some legal websites offering programs in Bug Bounty Hunting can fetch you with some extra income!

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