Nmap –
Nmap is a network mapper tool for security purpose. It was created by Gordon Lyon. Nmap was 1st release on Sep 1, 1997, it can do network analysis as well as port scanning, by using can scan multiple hosts and host ranges.

Nmap uses raw IP packets to scan a target. On the bases of its response receives from the targets it shows results.

Zenmap is a GUI of Nmap. Nmap is using in the terminal. It supports most operating systems. Nmap has more than 439+ scripts for scanning and vulnerability detection purposes. These scripts are written in a lua programming language.
The output of Nmap is a list of scan targets with information depending upon the option use.

Usage of Nmap-
nmap –help
This command lists all the options available for scanning and vulnerability detection purpose.

Nmap Target Selection

  • Scan a single IP
  • Scan a host
  • Scan a range of IPs
  • Scan a subnet
  • Scan targets from a text file
nmap -iL list-of-ips.txt

These are all default scans, which will scan 1000 TCP ports. Host discovery will take place.

  • Nmap Port Selection
  • Scan a single Port
nmap -p 22
  • Scan a range of ports
nmap -p 1-100
  • Scan 100 most common ports (Fast)
nmap -F
  • Scan all 65535 ports
nmap -p-

Nmap Port Scan types

  • Scan using TCP connect
nmap -sT
  • Scan using TCP SYN scan (default)
nmap -sS
  • Scan UDP ports
nmap -sU -p 123,161,162
  • Scan selected ports – ignore discovery
nmap -Pn -F

Service and OS Detection

  • Detect OS and Services
nmap -A
  • Standard service detection
nmap -sV
  • More aggressive Service Detection
nmap -sV –version-intensity 5
  • Lighter banner grabbing detection
nmap -sV –version-intensity 0




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