Earn 50k to 75k+ every month by becoming a Cybersecurity Expert

earn money from cybersecurity
Internet usage has increased and the world is becoming digital, there has been a huge increase in cybercrimes. The biggest challenge facing Internet workers, security organizations and private companies today is to avoid hacking. Companies are willing to do anything to make their data and Internet products secure. This is the reason that the demand for professionals related to cybersecurity has increased rapidly all over the world. If technology is your passion, then you can make a career by becoming a cybersecurity expert. While technology has made many tasks easier, it has also increased much cybercrime. To deal with these, a large number of professionals will be needed in the market. According to a NASSCOM report in 2016, by 2025, there is a need for 1 million cybersecurity professionals in the country. That is, for the next 6 years, there will be 1 lakh jobs every year in this sector. There is no dearth of job opportunities in this field.


What is necessary to get in the field

  • Understand web technology and network well.
  • Always try to think new, try new.

Who can make a career

Students whose IT has been the background of maths, they are perfect for this field. Many courses for cybersecurity have also come for students with a non-technical background. Non-technical students will have to work a little more to make a career in this field, but if they want, they can make a career by learning to work with dedication.

cyber security pay

How to make a career

If a student wants to make a career in it, then he should do a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in Cyber ​​Security. If a student cannot do this, then he can do Certified programs of 6 months and 1 year are also going on, like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Diploma in cybersecurity and Post Graduate Diploma in cybersecurity.

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How skills develop

You can work under an expert. Training programs of different companies can be attended. Your Habit should always be new thinking. Find the loopholes like a hacker, then think about their solution. This will only be done by working continuously with Dedication. This Habit has to be developed by each individual himself.

Can do the course from here

  • Internation college for security studies, Delhi
  • Institute of Information Security, Chandigarh
  • Asian School of Cyber Law, Pune
  • CDAC, Bangalore.
  • Indian School of Ethical Hacking, Kolkata
  • Arizona Infotech, Pune

Here are job opportunities

Cybersecurity experts are being recruited in posts like Computer Specialist, Information Technology Officer, Information Technology Specialist, Assistant Chief Security Officer in the Government Department. There are also security experts in departments like the Central Bureau of Investigation, Aviation, Defense. Cybersecurity experts are needed in the corporate world. It comes from e-commerce, banking to companies maintaining medical records.


The initial salary is 30 to 45+ thousand. After two-three years of experience, you can get a package of up to Rs 7 lakh annually. After 5 years of experience, cybersecurity experts start getting good packages. After taking a course in cybersecurity and you can work for private or government institutions. Or even start your own work.

Are you interested in a career in cybersecurity? If you want to earn a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Diploma in cybersecurity and Post Graduate Diploma in cybersecurity, consider ICSS for the education you need to make a difference. For more information, connect with a helpful admissions counselor today.

It could be the Best Decision You Ever Make!
earn money from cybersecurity
earn money from cybersecurity

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