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What is a Bug Bounty Hunting and How to Earn Huge Money from it

what is bug bounty

What is a Bug Bounty Hunting and How to Earn Huge Money from it

what is bug bounty

In today’s article, we will know about bug bounty

  • what is bug bounty?.
  • When did the bug bounty start?.
  • Who are the bug hunters?.
  • what is bug bounty program?.
  • Why the bug bounty program was needed?.
  • How to make money from the bug bounty program?.

Very few people have heard the name of Bug bounty, because this word is new in the market, some people may have heard it too, so those who have heard the name of bug bounty will know a little bit of bug bounty after reading this article. If you have complete information about the bug bounty, let’s start.

What is bug bounty?

Bug finding in any website and removing the bug from that website is called bug bounty Let’s understand bug bounty through a simple exam Friends, all of you watch movies and are a hunter in some movies. And if there are animals, then in films, the job of the hunter is to hunt animals whatever animals are in that film.

If the hunter does not hunt that animal, then that animal can harm the hunter, just like bug bounty, the bug can be removed from the website. If that bug is not removed then that bug can damage the website.

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Who are the bug hunters?

Friends, you all know that if an animal hunts in films, it is called an animal hunter. If someone hunts Rachsho then he is called demon hunter. In the same way, if a girl finds a bug on a website and removes it, it is called a bug hunter which means that those who find and hunt the bug from the website are called bug hunters. By the way, people know Bug Hunter by many names.

Friends, in today’s time, millions of websites are running on the Internet. Which we cannot even guess. So there are bugs on many websites which can damage the website. So the process of removing that bug is called bug bounty.

What is bug bounty program

The bug bounty program is a platform where big companies submit their website on this platform so that their website can find the bug bounter or bug hunter and can tell that the company below is the list of some bug bounty platform.




Bounty Factory

Open Bug Bounty









In the list given above, only the company that submits to its website is basic, which does not have its own bug bounty platform, so in such a situation, this company resorts to all these bug bounty platforms so that they can remove the deficiency of their website.

Big companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft have their own bug bounty platform where bug bounty creates their account. And facebook finds the bug in google page and tell these companies. And these companies remove that bug with the help of that bug bounty.

Why the bug bounty program was needed


As you all know google has many employees and their work is different. And some people have the job of maintaining Google and there are many pages in Google too, so all those pages have a separate team to find the bug which keeps searching for the bug always but there are some bugs which If you are unable to find it, then google bug runs bounty program. And can be any part of this program. And can find the bug.

How to make money from the bug bounty program

Who does not want to earn money, some people are doing jobs to earn money, some people do business to earn money, but people do all these things only and only to earn money. Whether it is a jobber or a businessman, if some people want to earn from home, then those who are thinking of earning at home can work from home through the bug bounty program, just you have to go to the bug bounty platform like HackerOne cobalt, etc and you have to find a bug in the website of a company and tell the company whose company you have found the bug in the website. And that company will work with you to remove the bug. A will pay you.

If you have found a bug in google, then Google gives you a lot of money for this so much money you cannot even think of. And it depends on which type of bug you have found on that bug and when you remove the bug in google, you will also remove the bug that you have found, then after that google gives you money as a reward. And I have said earlier that Google gives you money according to the type of bug you have found.

If you have found a bug that can leak Google’s user data, then in such a situation, Google will pay you a lot more money. If you have found a bug that does not matter to Google, then Google may or may not give you money because there is no threat to Google from that bug.


If you have knowledge about web development then you can earn a lot of money from bug bounty. All you have to do is find the bug in the website of big companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and submit it so that that bug can be fixed if If you know about the bug then you will be very easy to find the bug. If you want to know more about the bug, then you can learn about the bug by watching videos on youtube.

Friends, I am sure now that you have got information about bug bounty


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