Content Delivery Network (CDN)


What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)? How to work a Content Delivery Network (CDN)? and etc..If you are searching for all this stuff on the internet then you are in the right place. Because today we will see what is a content delivery network I’ll keep it short and explain it in the simplest possible way I can.

Normally when you open your website your request has to travel to the server where the web pages are located it then fetches these pages and returns them to you and it’s perfectly fine when the distance between you and the server is less but when the server is located at the other end of the globe it may take a while for the page to load.

This means people closer to the server can access the site faster while the ones away from it will have a new world page speed to fix this we have something called CND means Content Delivery Network.

This means we have a network of servers around the world and the original file is cached on each of these servers by a cache, I mean to say a copy of it is saved on every other server.

If a site is using CDN(Content Delivery Network) it will be accessible at the same speed to everyone regardless of how they are located geographically.

For example, YouTube has its own content delivery network that’s why it’s so fast for all of us, Netflix also uses CDN and it uses an algorithm to push the most beaut shows on our operate servers that’s why popular shows load faster while others road slower. So that’s what you need to know about CDN.

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