Cybercriminals Act as Real FOX in Cyber Firmament

The use of the internet across the globe is increasing at an alarming rate. People are not exempted from the use of the internet. Sitting at just one place and accessing everything has become a common phenomenon. Ultimately, such type of environment has created an amicable situation for cybercriminals to act behind the screen. They know everything and apply sophisticated tools and techniques before the occurrence of an event. There is a harmonious combination of fox and cybercriminals. In the true sense of the term, the fox symbolizes mischief, opportunity, playfulness, agility, cleverness, and wisdom. Cybercriminals are no way different from foxes. Both are two entities but act alike and constant traveler on the same route. All these qualities of fox are discussed below to compare with the qualities of cybercriminals.


The core intention of the hacker is to cause harm and disruption to the target at any cost. No doubt, hacking is a crime. It entails cracking systems and obtaining unlawful access to the data stored in them. Sometimes, hackers hack into sites and add and posts malevolent and indecent material on the site. The incidents most likely happen with the intention of mischief and causing damage by way of defamation, etc, rather than anything else.


Unlike many canids, usually foxes are not crowded Characteristically, they are solitary, opportunistic feeders that chase live prey. Using a grabbing technique practiced from an early age, they are typically able to kill their victims quickly. Foxes also gather a wide assortment of other foods ranging from grasshoppers to fruit and berries.

For cybercriminals data plays an important role. Unlike foxes, they chase after the target and they use various techniques to gather information. On the basis of information about the target, they start attacking in a crewed manner in order to gain access targets’ critical information.


Foxes are known to be curious and friendly. Its playfulness quality is what makes you so happy, but it can also be a little bit exhausting when it turns its face with some sort of intention.

In the realm of Cyber Security, Cybercriminals are the real players. They are happy to play with various tools and techniques for hacking. Their sole intention is to hack the target’s data with the help of various tools and techniques to satisfy his intuition.


Fox is most active after the sun goes down. It takes advantage of the situation at the right time. Fox is very straightforward and remains alert in all the time to chase the enemy. Fox uses a quick technique of attack and shows cunningness in each and every activity.

Likewise, cybercriminals are very crafty and cunning. They always hunt loopholes in the application. are focused to cause an attack on the small businesses because they are very weak in their security countermeasures.


It relates more to precise information than anything else. I have gone through French stories about the fox and how they try to bargain each other’s food with crafty tricks. Likewise, Cybercriminals expose various bargain qualities with a view to hack personal and organizational data.


In the true sense of the term, wisdom governs the world. Fox is small no doubt but highly intelligent in nature. Fox hunts alone. Fox frequently uses trivial tactics that disguise its true intent in hazardous situations.

Cybercriminals are frisky, friendly and inquisitive. They always look into the new developments in cyberspace. They are very key to find out various vulnerabilities in applications. They are also aware of various sophisticated tools and technologies to cause hacking and disruption in IT infrastructure.

How to Protect Yourself against Cybercrime

  • Use a comprehensive service internet security suite
  • Use robust passwords
  • Keep your software updated
  • Manage your social media settings
  • Reinforce your home network
  • Keep up to date on main security breaches
  • Take measures to help defend yourself against identity theft
  • Know that identity theft can happen anywhere
  • Keep an eagle eye on the kids
  • Know what to do if you become a victim

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