What Is Keylogger – Everything You Need To Know

What is Keylogger?, How does Keylogger work?, Types of keyloggers?, How to Protect Against Keylogger Attacks? and etc. If you are searching for all this stuff on the internet then you are in the right place. Because in this post, I am going to tell you what is a Keylogger? In this case, if you use a computer or the Internet.

So, you should know about Keylogger Technology. Because it is such computer software that can steal your computer’s information. Like Passwords, Credit / Debit Card Details, Documents, ID and give it to another place.

Let us understand this through an example. Suppose you are using net banking on your computer and someone is following you and monitoring all your activities. It seems unsafe, doesn’t it? Key-logger does the same.

In other words

Computers and Smartphones are all used by us. We all know how we can protect our device from access to the others, that’s why we use different types of passwords. But still, the passwords of many people are hacked, whether that password is for your device or an account. If you have ever heard of keyloggers, then you will know that all this is done with the help of a keylogger.

With the help of keylogger, you can not only obtain password but also hack everything you type with the keyword of your device like you can read all what SMS or email to someone. This can harm us not only personally but also financially. Mostly keylogger is used on the targeted person. If you are in the target of a hacker or one of your enemies, then he can probably use the key-logger for you.

The keylogger has many more features that are also used for good work and for bad work; even Keylogger is used both legal and illegal purposes. Here, I am going to explain in detail

  1. What is Keylogger?
  2. Types of keyloggers?
  3. How does keylogger works?
  4. Advantage and Disadvantage of keylogger?
  5. How to Protect Against Keylogger Attacks?

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What Is A Keylogger?


Keylogger is a Computer Program Software that records and saves all the activities happening on the Personal Computer such as Internet Search, Document, Keystrokes, Mail, URLs, Passwords, ID and etc.

You will be surprised to know that Keylogger records every single thing secretly, even if you type something with the keyboard, then it also gets recorded what you have typed. Despite having such a dangerous software, it is very is used for legal works. The key-logger was created only for recording legal activity, but after that many illegal works started to happen.

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So, you are required to understand exactly what key-logger is and why it is dangerous for us. a keylogger is a powerful software and it does not even appear in the computer panel.

The person installs the keylogger software, sets a private key and password to open it in the system. The concerned person knows the private key and nobody is able to open the software because it disappears and takes all the information while running in the backend.

Keyloggers Are Basically of Two Types

1. Hardware Keylogger

This is a hardware device similar to a computer cable or pen drive, making it easier for the contestant to hide the keylogger device. The attacker needs to manually uninstall the device so that the recorded information can reach it.

You can also call hardware key-logger as an external keylogger, the types of hardware key-logger like


  • USB Keylogger
  • Wi-Fi Keylogger
  • PS/2 Keylogger
  • Bluetooth Keylogger
  • Hardware Keylogger

2. Software Keylogger

Such software is installed in our device which keeps recording the keyword typing of the device and makes a log file of it, such software is called software keylogger.

Software keylogger is most commonly used because the hardware is visible and it is difficult to find the software because it runs in the software background so it is not detected. Many times software is installed in our device online and we do not even know.

How does Keylogger Work?

You know that Key-logger has two types of software and Hardware-based, it can be installed both locally and remotely on the computer and can be used. The key-logger was basically made to know the Employee’s activity working in a company. What do they do on the computer throughout the day.?


Then later it started to be used for many things such as Cyber ​​Cafe, IT Hubs, Colleges and etc. It works in this way, as soon as a user is using the computer, the Key-logger is running in the backend. As soon as the user enters a key from the keyboard, the Key-logger is immediately saved in his system.

If a computer has Keylogger installed, it secretly saves all the activity of that computer. for example.

  • Save any password typed in the computer by the user.
  • Save all website URLs searched by the user.
  • To record all the applications running on the computer.
  • Record all Instant Messaging.
  • Store Email Remote Location.

In case, if a keylogger has been created by a hacker, then that key-logger can give the user all the information through the Internet when the user’s internet connection is turned on.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Keylogger

In today’s time, people have less awareness about the computer attachment towards Computer Illegal Activity is very high. For this, Key-logger Software is very less beneficial and very harmful. for example.

Advantage of Keylogger 

  • Companies can monitor their employees on what other activities they do on the computer during work.
  • To know what activities students, do in college.
  • Parents can keep an eye on their children whether they are doing something wrong or they are not going towards any wrong path.
  • It can have many more benefits.

Disadvantage of Keylogger 

  • Your social media account like Facebook Twitter Instagram & any other platform’s username and password can be known to anyone; I mean your account can be hacked.
  • What you chatting on social media can be read by a third person.
  • The most important thing is that your bank details, credit/debit / ATM card details and important passwords can go to someone else, there is a possibility of deducting money from your bank account.
  • What do you use on the computer, which apps are running, will anyone know?
  • If you write impotent data in Notepad, then anyone can steal it.
  • What you have searched on the internet, which information you went on the website, the information can go to someone else.
  • store the messages and emails

How to Protect Against Keylogger Attacks 

If you want to protect your Computer Information from Key-logger Software. So you follow all the tips in ..

  • Only the person who is with you can use the hardware, so before using the computer in your office or company, check that some additional device is not installed.
  • If you go to a cyber cafe, you should not log in to your computer, such as a Facebook account, Gmail account. And don’t even give bank details.
  • Always use “virtual keyboard” to enter personal details.
  • Never install a cracked file.
  • Keep checking your computer or another device after some time that there is no unwanted application installed in it. If it happens, then uninstall it immediately.
  • Use key-logger detector software.
  • Always use paid antivirus security tools.
  • if you have Windows 10  so can do this go to Settings > Privacy and turn off  “Auto Cortana Typing”.
  • Make fewer visits to porn sites.
  • Visit only those sites whose name has been prefixed https.
  • Do not let any unknown person work on your computer.
  • Do not share your computer password with anyone.

Hopefully, by now you will know what is a keylogger? how it is work? types? advantages or disadvantages?  how to protect against keyloggers.

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